What is it?

Nebula is a light-weight IRC client for Unix and Unix-like operating system with a X-Window gui.

More specifically, the initial goals are:

Nebula aims to be a graphical IRC client, aimed at the unix and compatible platforms and using the motif/openmotif or the lesstif ToolKit.
The goals are
- portability to various unix systems (planned are already Linux, *BSD, Solaris, Irix and AIX)
- small footprint and low system resource usage
- speed
- clear, non intrusive GUI
- security

What does it require ?

Nebula is written in C and thus requires an ANSI-C compiler. Nebula requires pretty standard socket interfaces for network access and some standard unix libraries.
As the GUI regards, Nebula requires the X11 libraries and the Motif libraries (or OpenMotif of course or Lesstif).

Where do I get it ?

Get the latest release from the SourceForce download page. Or use anonymous CVS access.

How does it look like ?

Visit the screenshots page.

How do I contribute development, where are the sources ?

Visit the sourceforge page. There you have access to the CVS repository, the bug tracker... Logo